Moving Services


I help clients streamline the process by…

  • getting rid of unwanted or unused items.

Why pay someone to pack and unpack a set of encyclopedias or bowling balls that haven’t been used in decades? Or… why do we still have a changing table when our youngest child is in high school? Often when we have been in the same location for several years, we don’t even realize how much stuff we have that we don’t use or enjoy. I look at everything objectively and help my clients to do the same.

  • organizing their items before the movers arrive and anything gets packed.

Families with small children especially seem to struggle with keeping like items together. For instance, toys, diaper changing items, DVD’s, art supplies, etc. seem to be in EVERY room rather than in one area. If a house is unorganized before it’s packed up, it will most likely be unorganized when it’s unpacked. Moving is a great time to hit the “reset” button and get things back under control. Every item in your home is going to be touched either by you or the moving company; take this opportunity to put like items together so you can start fresh in your new location with an organized home.


I offer full move-in services

  • Unpack & put items away
  • Organize entire house so clients can start fresh
    Whether or not an organizer was used during the move-out process, this is still a perfect time to get organized.
  • Arrange furniture, rugs, and decor’
  • Help in arranging wall art