Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your productivity and removing points of stress in your life. Do any of the following questions resonate with you?

Do you feel like you’re going 90 miles an hour, yet getting nowhere?
Has your productivity diminished?
Has the idea of getting ahead completely left your mind because it is all you can do to just maintain?
Do you feel your time is being swallowed up because it seems you’re living in chaos?

Fresh Start Organizing is here to help. I can give you practical solutions that are tailor made for your situation.

Being Organized

Being organized doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you use is hidden. Being organized means that when you need something, you know exactly where to find it and you don’t have to move heaven and earth to get it. There’s more to it than appearance, it’s about function. Does your system work and is it manageable by all who use it?

Solutions Tailored for You

My goal in organizing any space is to put things at your fingertips without infringing on other systems that are currently serving you or other people who use the same space. I find solutions that work for all individuals (no matter their age or physical limitations) to maximize the use of your space. Working within your budget, I will find solutions that suit your personality and style.

Maintenance Program

You can stay on top of things by taking advantage of my Maintenance Program. Available monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly, the Maintenance Program will ensure that things stay organized. As your life changes, so do your needs. With this service, small changes and adjustments will be made to adapt to your changing needs.

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The Process

1. Contact me and let me know what room(s) you are needing help with.
2. We will set up a time for me to do a no-obligation evaluation with you.
3. Working within your budget, I will move forward with organizing your space and giving you a Fresh Start.
4. To insure your new system is working for you, you will receive follow-up email support from me for 30 days after the job is complete.